SMILE Is A New Energy Solution

Henrik Pranov is on a mission to provide low-cost solar technology to the developing world.

The inventor from Copenhagen, Denmark, has developed SMILE (Solar, Mobile, Independent, Low-Cost, Energy system), which is unique and beneficial in every sense.

According to the World Health Organization, half of the world’s population lives without proper access to electricity.

There are about 3-billion people who cook and heat their homes with fossil fuels and open fires. With this, there are well over 4-million people who die from diseases associated to household air pollution. And sadly more than 50 per cent of children die prematurely from household air pollution.

SMILE has been designed to bring affordable and cleaner energy for those living in developing countries and it could help save lives.

SMILE, There’s A Solution

Pranov indicates that the only energy source for those living in the developing world is “burning wood, charcoal, kerosene, animal dung or garbage.”

“Burning these fuels on open fires causes extreme particle generation , CO2, and nitric oxide generation, damaging the local and global climate, adding up between one and two times the total greenhouse gas emissions of the US, as well as being responsible for over 4 million deaths every year due to pneumonia, stroke, lung cancer and other particle-caused diseases,” says Pranov.

At present those living in poorer countries spend more than half of their income on purchasing fuels. Pranov wants the developing world to break free from this trend, and he is confident his invention will help the environment and allow people to live healthier and longer lives.

So, What Is SMILE?

It is a plastic foil with embedded micro-mirrors that attracts the light from the sun. Pranov and his team have specifically developed a Fresnel lens foil that they metalize. It’s cheap and easy to make, and gets the job done.

The foil is stretched out on frame that is supported by thin tall rods and is positioned towards the sun. When the sunlight hits the foil it generates heat. SMILE does not weight very much and is portable, so anyone can take it just about anywhere.

And added bonus with this invention is that it can help sterilize water, and is a perfect source for heat storage and serves as an effective cooling system.

SMILE To Clean And Affordable Energy

What makes SMILE so unique is that it’s not made from glass. We all know that glass is heavy and cumbersome to transport, and most of all it is expensive.

“To overcome this challenge we have developed a flat plastic foil with micro mirrors to focus the sunlight,” says Pranov. “It (SMILE) is light, robust and cheap to produce.”

SMILE is made almost entirely from thermoplastics, which means it’s perfect for recycling. And each foil sheet lasts for almost 10 years.

Does Pranov foresee any challenges with his invention? Yes and the big one is educating people in the developing world on his new technology and how it will help improve their lives.

With this, Pranov will utilize education ambassadors to spread the word about his new technology.

And yes, Pranov just gave the developing world something to ‘SMILE’ about.