Smiling Face USB Drive - Come on, Get Happy!

Over the years, the USB drives have sure changed in look and style.  The ho-hum straight-forward and down-right boring looking USB drives have been replaced by all sorts of colorful designs and wacky characters.   The Smiling Face USB Drive is one such device.  Just one look at this little portable drive, is bound to bring a smile to your face.   

Smiling Face USB DriveSmiling Face USB Drive

This high-speed USB 2.0 drive comes in two fun colors, yellow and blue. The casing is made of durable rubber and each has its own cap.  Compatible with Windows Vista, XP and MAC OS, and is plug and play.  The Smiling Face USB Drive stores 2 GB of information and retails for $15.

Smiling Face USBSmiling Face USB

Source and Photos:  USB Geek