Smiling Toilet Seat Cover & Mat Set Adds Plush To Your Flush

The slightly twisted types over at Village Vanguard have done it again, going that completely unnecessary extra mile in the pursuit of cuteness. Take the Smiling Toilet Seat Cover & Mat Set, for instance. Inanimate or not, another face is the last thing anyone wants to see when entering the restroom for a little, ah, rest.

Sure, you can lift the thickly padded seat cover to stop Mister Happy from leering at you but you know he's there, thinking dark and disturbing thoughts behind your back. Speaking of which, Village Vanguard's ad copy states the cover is 10cm thick - that's 4 inches! The odds of the lid staying up after lifting are virtually nil. Of course, it does make for a very comfy seat when down but... well, you can form that bizarre mental picture on your own.

As if the basic concept behind the Smiling Toilet Seat Cover & Mat Set isn't unsettling enough as it is, how about this: the design's side-swept black hair looks just a bit like Hitler. Yes, THAT Hitler... you know any others? Add a black toothbrush mustache and the resemblance is frightening. Here, I'll just pencil one in... scheisse!!

Still want this creepy/cute toilet seat cover & mat set? Just for your info, the lid cover measures 43cm by 38 cm (17.2" by 15.2") and the mat is 48cm by 48 cm (19.2" by 19.2"). The listed cost is 2,600 yen (around $30) but at press time the set is out of stock, sold out, a victim of overwhelming demand - possibly from north-central Europe but that's unconfirmed. Feel free to email Village Vanguard to be added to their Schindler's, er, waiting list.

Jul 27, 2010
by Lady Bee
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Love this!  This is not creepy; it's adorable! (But not in my bathroom, of course!)