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Is The Smintair Smoker's International Airways Good For Business But Bad For Health?

As the world is discriminating against smokers, there's a whole world of possibilities for those looking to make services a little more accessible to those that can't seem to detach themselves from their cancer sticks for long enough to do anything.

One business that attempted to cater to smokers was the Smintair Smoker's International Airways, a German based company, naturally founded by a smoker, who knew how hard it could be to stop smoking for the length of any flight, especially an international one. While the company claimed to get the independent financing they needed to create their smoker's only airline with flights between Germany and Japan, the business has never gotten off the ground (figuratively or literally) since Germany passed a smoking ban.

Although businesses for smokers should capture a huge niche market, attempts to introduce similar concepts in the US have failed, proving that perhaps an airline for smokers is both bad for business and bad for health.

Via: SmokersClub


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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
New Business Ideas

Jul 19, 2009
by Anonymous

It was healthier when smoking was allowed

Its much cheaper for airlines to not scrub the air like they had to when smoking was allowed on flights, now everyone suffers from poor air quality.