Ashtub Trico Lets You Smoke & Drive Without Mess or Fuss

As our cars and trucks have evolved over the years, their convenience features have changed as well. Most notably, features used by smokers have steadily vanished while those useful to drinkers have increased. Hmm, that sounds odd... but of course I'm referring to non-alcoholic drinks.

Both the quantity and the variety of cup-holders have multiplied while ashtrays and lighters have dwindled; the Ashtub Trico takes advantage of the former while addressing the latter. In short, it's a multi-functional ashtray that fits neatly into most any vehicle's cup holder while incorporating design features that make it ideally suited for the automotive interior environment.

Ideaco, a Japanese design firm, was not satisfied just to plunk an ashtray into a cup holder. The Ashtub Trico has some ingenious features that add immensely to its appeal and practicality. The rim is scalloped in such a way that cigarettes of any thickness can be accommodated. Ashes fall through the central hole which also acts as a butt depository, holding up to 20 used cigarette butts.

Last and not least, the Ashtub Trico comes in your choice of 6 colors to match your vehicle's interior décor scheme.