Smokeable Wearable Tech: Set the World and Other Places On Fire!

 The dynamic world of wearable tech has given way to many unexpected niches. Fashion, after all. is about pushing that proverbial envelope and going where no one has dared to venture before. One pathway heretofore neglected concerns the need for companies to make wearable vaporizers for the consumption of marijuana. It comes on the heels of legislation legalizing marijuana in several states.

In the words of Sean Oliver, founder of Hood Horkerz:

"People have been finding all sorts of new ways to enjoy marijuana lately. There is everything from Medicated Cookies made by Big Pete's Treats to Medicated Beef Jerky from Badfish Extracts, to Medicated Tinctures, to Dabs from the Dab Kings to even the THC-Infused Sex Lube from an amazing new company called Love Lubricants."

According to the Daily Dot, the two rival brands, Hood Horkerz and Vaprwear, are feuding over who came up with the idea for the smokeable.wearable hoodie first. Both have launched separate companies with similar designs for hoodies with drawstrings that can be used for smoking, which only stokes the fire of competitive rage.


Smokeable Wearable Hoodie: Source: EcouterreSmokeable Wearable Hoodie: Source: Ecouterre


Vaprwear, Hood Horkerz and Wearable Weed

Both companies agree that wearable weed is the next step in creating wearables for the future even if the rest of the fashion industry can only marvel at the many twists and turns that comprise the path of wearable technology. Hood Horkerz has accused Vaprwear of stealing its design, althugh glass is used in their garment and not in Vaprwear's, whose hoodie is an all-in-one vapor system that doubles as a draw-string. Its purpose is to make it easier to inhale.


Smokeabe Hoodie: Source: EcouterreSmokeabe Hoodie: Source: Ecouterre


The two companies continue to grapple via social media for the crown of the king of the smokeable tech realm. Sean Oliver claims that he discovered the need foe this hoodie quite accidentally. One day, before embarking on a snowboarding adventure he wanted to smoke, but realized he lacked the necessary tools. The idea of using a hoodie as a smoking implement came to him as he was pulling the drawstrings of his own garment.

His next step was a quest for the right materials to create makeshift drawstring pipes. He used fish tank tubing as well as other metal fittings. The final prototype worked, and  Oliver soon moved on from do-it-yourself materials to the ready-to-wear hoodie that utilizes hand-blown glass for both the mouthpiece and the glass bowl at the end.


Hood Horkerz Hoodie: Source: Pinterest.comHood Horkerz Hoodie: Source:


Vaprwear claims their hoodie is the "world's greatest" because the drawstrings double as  an embedded vaporizer, which allows wearers to smoke "oil blend, e-juice, dry herb and wax" via the garment. Their mantra is: "Keep Calm and Vape On."

The future of the smokeable hoodie

The options for blending weed and wearable technology seem endless especially with the new legislative freedom afforded to marijuana smokers. The popularity of these hoodies is fueled by hip-hop culture and streetwear and represents an unexpected and lucrative fashion industry niche.

Closing thoughts on marijuana:

I don't think pot is more dangerous than alcohol. ~ Barack Obama

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