Smoked Bacon Doritos: Critical Mass Snack For Critically Massive Snackers

New Smoked Bacon Doritos from Frito-Lay Japan are a limited edition flavor from the firm's Doritos Gourmet line that's due to be discontinued on October 31st... now THAT's frightening! In related news, Japanese snackers enjoy gourmet Doritos.

Indeed, the concept of Smoked Bacon Doritos sounds like a variation of the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercial from the 1970s. You know the one, where a guy walking the streets eating out of an open jar of peanut butter (and Americans wonder why people think we're fat) bumps into another guy nom-nom-nomming on a chocolate bar – or vice versa.

To paraphrase the ensuing conversation, "You got your Doritos on my bacon!" "You got your bacon in my Doritos!" The pair then sample the impromptu combo and exclaim in unison, "Two great tastes that taste great together!" It would totally work since the odds of people openly eating bacon and/or Doritos in public are pretty high these days. Also, the people eating bacon and/or Doritos in public are pretty high these days, at least in certain western states.

Anyway, back to Smoked Bacon Doritos, yum! Frito-Lay Japan introduced this crispy snack to beat all crispy snacks back on July 28th, 2013 with the advice (warning, actually) that the chips would be chopped at the end of October. The 80gm (2.82oz) capacity bags are a work of art, featuring a glistening hunk of grilled bacon along with a gold ribbon and red wax seal to denote the glut of gourmet goodness lurking inside.

Get 'em while they're hot because after Halloween get 'em you'll not, and if you CAN get 'em you'll ONLY be gettin' 'em in Japan. Why do you hate America, Frito-Lay?