Smoker’s Bib: Stupid Fashion Saves You From A Stupid Habit

Maybe you missed the memo; but smoking is dangerous. Your lungs won't thank you for the years of torment that you've put them through, and neither will your body or your home when you manage to burn it down. If you're dumb enough to keep on smoking, then perhaps you're dumb enough to think that this safety solution is a good idea too.

Smoking BibSmoking Bib

Taylor's Gifts, in an attempt to save smokers from burns and potentially dangerous situations, created a flame retardant smoker's bib. That way, any smokers who fall asleep with a lit cigarette in their hands will hopefully have the fashion item diffuse it before it results in the need for plastic surgery or home remodelling bills.

The bad news is this product is temporarily sold out - so if you've really been struggling with the above issues, you might not want to risk it without the bib and quit smoking..or not. (Buy here.)

Via: BoingBoing


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Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Smoker's bib

Keep your belittling of smokers to yourself, way inside your tiny little mind. Do you get paid by the piece? Then, be grateful that you have something to write about. Apropos, your title is misleading "stupid fashion saves you from a stupid habit", wow, if it were that easy to be saved ... The bib does not save anyone from smoking addiction, it may save someone from burning holes in clothing, etc.
Disrespectfully yours: Agi

Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Thanks for the advice . . .

Now, have a toke and chill.