Smokey The Silencer Covers Your Culinary Disasters


How many times have you been in this situation?  You are up at the crack of dawn (at least it feels that way) and the rest of the household is still fast asleep.  You are trying desperately not to wake them.  After all, if you have to be up at this time then you should at least get to enjoy the peace and quiet.  You have managed to tip-toe to the kitchen and silently grab a few items to make your breakfast.  You turn your back for what seems like only a few seconds and the inevitable happens – you burn the toast...badly.  A sense of panic sets in as you realize what is about to happen, but it is too late.  The smoke alarm starts blaring and all you can do is grab for a towel and fan it frantically until the smoke finally clears.



If Smokey the Silencer (by designer Beth Fuller) ever makes it to the shelves it could practically eliminate this morning mayhem.  The gadget is magnetic and takes up not much more room on your fridge than your other magnets.  When the smoke alarm is inadvertently set-off by a culinary catastrophe then all you have to do is squeeze the hand on the device and it will send a wireless signal to the smoke alarm to shut it off.  Conveniently, Smokey is no slacker either; he even acts as a kitchen timer when you pull down his raised arm.



This looks like a handy and fun kitchen gadget.  Hopefully we get to see it in stores sometime soon.

Source: Yanko Design