Smoking Mittens: Indulge In Your Vice While Keeping Your Hands Warm!

Winter is over unless you live in an arctic climate (at least for those that live in a climate that does get cold); but that doesn't mean that there won't be any cool evenings that you're just dying to get your hands in some mittens. The only problem? Smokers don't have that luxury without resulting in fabric burns.

Smoking MittensSmoking Mittens

The mitten and cold hand conundrum may not be the only one that smokers have, but we'll skip over that factor and get right to the point. Smokers no longer need the punishment of cold hands when they are indulging their vice with the Smoking Mittens!

Built right into these unique mittens is a cigarette holder that's kind of like the filter end of a cigarette. One on end, the mitten allows the lit end to have air exposure, and on the other end, there's the opportunity to suck away on the smoke.

With innovations like this one, encouragement to quit due to inconveniences like cold hands just might not be happening anytime soon! (See Smoking Mittens)