Snack Of The Gods? Frito-Lay Japan's Doritos Gourmet Bacon & Mustard Tortilla Chips

The good news is, Frito-Lay Japan's Doritos Gourmet Bacon & Mustard tortilla chips hit store shelves on April 21st. The bad news is they're only available in Japan or in your wildest dreams.

Doritos Gourmet Bacon & Mustard is the latest release from the Doritos Gourmet series. Consisting of seasoned corn tortilla chips specially formulated to appeal to “adult tastes” (maybe a better term is “mature palates”), Doritos Gourmet has established itself as a staple member of FLJ's product line and, no doubt, has become a significant money-maker for the company.

That's merely our assumption, of course, but if Frito-Lay were losing their shirts on the program we wouldn't be seeing regular and ongoing releases of intriguing new flavors boasting new and unique packaging artwork. Just check out the super-thick, mustard-slathered bacon on the front of the bag! 

Owing to the pure outrageousness of some of these flavors, it's not at all surprising some of the Doritos Gourmet series released to date have garnered attention from media outside Japan. It's an oft-cruel phenomenon akin to waving a juicy steak in front of a starving man.

Take Doritos Gourmet Bacon & Mustard tortilla chips, for example. Aficionados of all things bacony and mustardy have heretofore had few commercially-released choices with which to slake their culinary craving.

While one supposes dipping run-of-the-mill tortilla chips into a jar of Inglehoffer Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard would suffice in a pinch, how much more satisfying would it be to crack open an 80-gram (2.82 oz) bag of chips factory-infused with the cloying combo of bacon and mustard? Not to mention the Doritos way is way more convenient when you're, say, riding a crowded subway in rush hour. 

Anyway, time is not on your side should you be weighing the pros (NOM NOM NOM) and cons (travel costs, neglect of work and family, voting for Pedro, etc) of a trip to Japan. Cutting to the chase, Doritos Gourmet Bacon & Mustard tortilla chips are a limited edition release that will only be sold from April 21st through August 11th of 2014 inclusive. Get 'em while they're hot!

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