Snake Burgers Put The Bite On Your Hunger

Burger and a shake? In Djakarta, Indonesia, it's more like burgers with a snake. A restaurant in the country's capital city is serving snake burgers made from local snakes they kill, clean, grind and cook in the back, then serve up front.

The shop must be doing a roaring business because the processing area resembles a factory floor, with snakes everywhere - in various states of preparation.

In a nutshell, the snakes are first beheaded, then "peeled" to remove their scaly skin. Next, the carcasses move to the cleaning and fileting area, and finally the meat is minced, ground, and blended with seasonings.

All that's left is to fry up the snake patties, top with the usual condiments and slap 'em onto sesame seed buns. You're probably wondering about the flavor of the meat. According to China Radio International Online (CRI), the burgers "taste like chicken"... but then, you probably knew that. (via Gigazine and CRI)