Snakes And Ladders Lawn Game Puts Kids Right In The Action


Pretty much everyone played snakes and ladders as a kid.  The concept is easy to grasp, you can play with just two people and it is fun to watch your buddy who thought that he was winning plummet back down to the beginning.  Kids today continue to enjoy this very old game, but can now put themselves right in the action.

The Snakes and Ladders Lawn Game is the same basic game on a giant scale.  The board is made of PVC and is held in place by eight pegs that attach to the lawn.  Players are the pawns and a large inflatable die adds to the fun.  A couple of twists have been added to this version including a being “bitten by the dog” square where a player must hop on one foot and a “falling down the hole” square where a player must sit out a turn.

This looks like a great outdoor activity for young kids.  Plus, imagine how much more fun it would be to witness your smug buddy actually fall down a chute!

Source: Amazon

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