Snakes And Lattes: The Board Game Cafe!

Today's cafes and coffee shops are typically filled with people stuck on technology who are just trying to take advantage of the free WIFI. There's no sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere, it's all type, type, tweet, tweet, ring, ring (that last one was a blackberry or iPhone notification, in case you didn't know). So, for those that want to get a more old-fashioned coffee shop experience that's focused on bringing together a neighborhood in a social way, there's a great new Toronto business.

Snakes and Lattes in downtown Toronto totally discourages that modern coffee shop experience and creates a work-free zone that's just about relaxing and having a good time. At Snakes and Lattes, there are over 1500 board games to sit down and play. You can go with a friend and catch up over Monopoly (or something far more obsure) and a cup of specialty coffee, or you can make new friends and get to know each other over Mouse Trap. It's a fun place for those who want to unwind and put that work atmosphere behind them when they step away from their office. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, sometimes the best businesses are those that take a tried and true structure and tweak it for a originality!

Oct 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Poor Service

The problem with this place is they don’t know how to treat customers. Is it because they are so busy they feel the ones in the door are most important and potential ones do not matter. I tried to make a reservation and after a month of calling I finally get a human. He tells me they cannot take my group of eight and that we should go else where. What did I hear that correct? He just said my group of eight people should go else where? Yup, that’s good business savy! Now I’m posting it. I will go else where with my group of eight, tonight and every night!!!