Snakes Have No Sense Of Humor & Other Revelations


Not funny... but very independent.Not funny... but very independent.
  • Snakes have no sense of humor.
  • Fish persons are the happiest pet owners.
  • The smarter you are, the smarter your pet.
These are a few of the findings of the Pet Personality Test results, analyzed by its creator Professor Richard Wiseman.

The study, announced here on October 13 (Your Dog Looks Like You, But Does He Have Your Sense of Humor?), reported the results of almost 2500 respondents to a survey that asked pet owners to rate their own personalities and their pets' on various characteristics, such as intelligence, sociability, independence, emotional stability, and others. Because the owners did the evaluating, you would expect the results might be less than objective, but still they are interesting and entertaining.

So? You think you're funnier than me, huh?So? You think you're funnier than me, huh?

Pet/Owner Personality Findings

  • Like married couples, the longer a pet is with his owner, the more their personalities are alike, especially if they've made it through the 7-year itch.
  • People who are fun-loving are more likely to get a dog.
  • If you're dependable and sensitive, you'd choose a cat.
  • A reptile lover is likely to be very independent, just like his pet.
  • When it comes to humor, 62 percent of dogs and 57 percent of fish have a sense of humor. (I wondered if that was a misprint... or a joke for the cats... but Prof. Wiseman assured me that the figure was correct.) Only 48 percent of cats, 42 percent of horses, 38 percent of birds and no reptiles were judged to have a sense of humor by their owners.

Individual Anecdotes From The Pet/Owner Personality Study

The British Telegraph reports some personal anecdotes that Professor Wiseman relayed from the respondents:

  • a man who is getting grumpier every day, along with his dog;
  • a marketing executive who has a fish instead of a shrink;
  • a cat who conspires with her mistress to trick her husband;
  • a lizard who watches TV with his owner; and
  • a woman who bobs her head up and down like her parrot.

Professor Wiseman is continuing his studies if you would still like to submit your questionnaire.

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Photo credits:
Snake: Museum Victoria
Cat & Fish: Pet Net




Nov 30, 2007
by Angel Grotton (not verified)

Yeah, may be the result are

Yeah, may be the result are not very objective, but the research itself is very interesting! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.