Snap Amazing Pictures Of Your Baby With The Shutter Buddy

Getting a great picture of your baby may seem like an easy task, but in reality it is an arduous undertaking.  Sure, your baby is adorable with those great big eyes and that captivating smile, but as soon as you are ready to take a shot he is immediately drawn to something else and you end up with a picture of the side of his head (cute as it is).
It ends up being a two person or one person and several props job.  You have one person with their finger poised over the camera button and another jumping up and down and making ridiculous faces and sounds in the background.  Sometimes even this does not work because the camera person gets momentarily distracted by the other person’s antics and misses the prime photo op.

Shutter BuddyShutter Buddy

Luckily for the rest of us, one frustrated, camera-happy dad came up with the great idea of creating an attention grabbing item to attach to your camera.  The Shutter Buddy was born soon after Brendan Parnell’s daughter and was an instant hit.  The Shutter Buddy is a basic device that attaches to the front of most cameras and has a black and white checkered face that grabs babies’ attention and holds it, giving you plenty of time to snap a great shot.  When it is not in use it folds down to a very portable size.   (Buy here.)


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