Snap Photos Like Bond With The Mini Minox Digital Camera

Have you ever heard of Minox? In case you haven't, they're actually camera-makers from way back in the day since the 1920s. The company produced a subminiature camera that was originally intended as a luxury item but ended up gaining a reputation for being used as a spy camera.

That fact was stamped into movie history when the dashing James Bond used the Minox more than once during his outrageous missions on the big screen.

Minox has since come up with a host of other cameras and have kept up with the times by releasing digital cameras that resemble the design of these well-known vintage cameras, the latest of which is this Digital Classic Camera (DCC) Minox 5.1 which is a miniature-sized replica of the Leica M3.

The design itself is impressive, capturing even the tiniest details of the vintage camera to a T. However, the old-world resemblance stops there. Inside the retro design is a digital camera that uses state-of-the-art technology to give you great looking shots with a punch.

The DCC Minox 5.1 looks like a toy but I don't think a toy can take photos and videos with a 5.1 megapixel resolution and display them for the user to compose on its 2-inch screen, right? The camera has a German-engineered glass lens and a sophisticated attachable viewfinder on top. It also has a slot for an SHDC memory card which have a capacity of up to 16GB. Now that's a whole lot of photos.

You can choose to equip the DCC Minox 5.1 with accessories to increase its functionality and use your camera with some added features. For example, the teleconverter and wide-angle converter can be used t add more dimension and a cool perspective to your photos. You can also equip it with the camera flash attachment just in case you need to take a shot in an environment with poor lighting.

Here are the features of the DCC Minox 5.1:

  • Minoctar 9.0mm glass lens with 4x digital zoom (equivalent to a 42mm lens on a 35mm camera)
    0.5m, 1m and infinity distance settings
  • 128MB internal memory (plus a slot for a SDHC memory card up to 16GB)
  • Takes video at 320x240 pixels for up to 60 seconds per clip
  • Internal lithium-ion battery recharges via USB or wall outlet
  • USB connector for battery charging and reading images
  • Removable optical viewfinder plus 2" digital viewfinder/display screen

If you want to ogle more at the DCC Minox 5.1 then check out the video which shows you the 360-view of the camera in all its retro glory:

You can purchase the DCC Minox 5.1 online here: Amazon   It's also in stock here:.Minox.


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Aug 15, 2011
by Anonymous

Wow, so small, though, it

Wow, so small, though, it looked like a toy, but I don't think the toy can take pictures, estimates that it is the smallest best digital camera.

Jan 19, 2012
by Anonymous

Great Camera

Love how small this camera is. I could fit that thing in my pocket! Is Minox available on the stock market? I might be interested in getting some stock in this...

Jan 24, 2012
by Anonymous

Inflatable Movie Screen Setup

This is a great camera to use for spying, it could fit in the pants pocket. How much this camera cost ? Hope it is not to expensive so I can buy one.