SnapCam Is Your Wearable HD Camera And Video Recorder

The SnapCam is your fast-acting, wearable, HD camera. The camera, which can be powered up in .1 seconds with a simple swipe, can take 8 megapixel photos and record footage in 720p. While not as rugged as something like a GoPro, the SnapCam is water and drop resistant thanks to its aluminum housing. Measuring in at 1.5x1.5 inches, the small camera comes in three colors and includes an adjustable clip for your clothing, as well as a magnetic surface that can be used for attaching to metals. With a claimed standby time of seven days, the SnapCam will be ready, even if you've forgotten to charge it for a couple days.

The quick start up time is great for when you need to snap an unexpected photo. Simply swipe your hand across the front of the SnapCam to turn it on and tap the front of the device. That's it, you've just taken a photo. If you're only using your SnapCam for photos, it will last for 5,000+ pictures on a full charge. For video, simply tap the device twice and record up to two hours of footage on a single charge. Footage is recorded in 720p, which isn't bad, but it's no GoPro (but neither is the price point). There is also a livestreaming option available by tapping the device three times, and can be used over Bluetooth or WiFi. If livestreaming, the battery will last approximately one hour.

There will be two versions of the SnapCam available to consumers when it releases, a full feature version for $150 and a "lite version" for $80 that does not have any connectivity features. Both of these will be priced competitively, but the $80 Lite version is definitely the better deal if this is your first wearable or if you're just wanting to "test out the waters."