SnazL &, Social Media Tools For Sharing Content

SnazL and are two of the first open source tools to bridge the gap between content and community. By allowing users to create and share their videos, photos and content from one central location, the user become the center of his or her own sphere of influence cross social media platforms.

Social Media management can at times become a 'time hog.' While in today's Web 2.0 the tactical responsibilities of monitoring your 'brand' or 'issue' messaging is a necessary function, without a division of labor between coordination and creativity, usually one person is assigned to both functions. As a time-saver, SnazL's objective is to enable users to manage their content and conversations easily from one platform.

Ameeda ChowdhuryAmeeda ChowdhuryWhen interviewed recently by 2morrowknight from the Huffington Post, Ameeda Chowdhury, co-founder of SnazL indicates that her dynamically interactive site can "sync up media across multiple sites...into a rich media video wiki," that can be edited and customized as a user sees fit.


This video provide some additional insight as to the ease of access of using this social media tool.

TwittamentaryTwittamentarySnazL is also partnering with the crowd-sourced documentary, Twittamentary. Community members can add their video, image or audio stories directly to the Siok Siok TanSiok Siok TanTwittamentary Snazl media stream. Celebrated Singaporean filmmaker Siok Siok Tan, the 12-time Asian TV award-winning director for Discovery TV and the producer of "Boomtown Beijing" will produce the new Twitter documentary.  (see previous blog titled,  "World Premiere of Twitter, The Movie Coming Soon!").

To promote a brand in today's Web 2.0 milieu, one no longer needs the excessive advertising and promotional budgets that have been previously required in the past. In today's business climate, its important to select social media tools that are cost-efficient, create evangelists,generate a viral buzz and produce sales. With the recent demo launch of , brands and social media
specialists now have access to a tool that can accomplish all those goals.

While SnazL focuses on sharing videos with your closest circle of friends,'s approach is to extend one's network outward. Appropriate for a brand or an on organization that wants to amplify its message to a broader audience,'s platform has a built-in means to incentivise followers of one network to communicate to hundreds of other networks, and like ripples in pond extend one's reach to 1000s and tens of thousands of followers and contacts.

Differing from SnazL, also has a monitoring and tracking component that alerts users as to how many followers have become evangelists and how many followers have generated interest on the various social networking sites. is a real simple way to get one's company buzzing with the assistance of a built-in team of evangelists that can get the word out, generate more traffic and ultimately land more business.

See more on at "Social Media Creates Evangelists, Buzz and Sales," and take the DEMO out for a test run today. To customize and adapt the social media tool for your business, contact the team.

Both SnazL and are two robust social media tools that provides users, brands and organizations with an expeditious means of managing all social networks from one central platform. They both cut down on the amount of time it takes to share content and they both empower users (instead of destination sites) to be at the center of one's online experience.