Snazzy Napper

You may think that what I'm posting is a gag costume for Halloween, and while I may have planned the timing, believe me, this fashion statement is entirely serious! I know, you don't believe it, but you still won't believe it when you see this thing in public, either!

Snazzy NapperSnazzy Napper

The Snazzy Napper is similar to things we've seen before, but typically they have been designed for warmth or privacy not inconspicuous napping. I don't like to be caught catching flies in public with my mouth open either, but somehow, that seems preferable on a plane and a little bit less "look at me" than using this device. The Snazzy Napper is a sleep mask and full veil/head piece in one. Pretty sure you won't get much sleep when wearing it either, because all of those people pointing and laughing are sure to make a lot of noise. But, if you've yet to find your perfect Halloween costume idea; this just might be it? 

Unique Face MasksUnique Face Masks

I know what you're thinking. Many scoffed at the Snuggie and look where it's gotten to now.Let's just wait and see..shall we?

Oct 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Way to go! You just re-invented the Burqa!

What an epic FAIL this will be.....