SNL & Social Media Christen Largest Cruise Ship In The World

Cruise Ships are not usually the butt of a joke, or comedy-rich fodder for comedians. However, in the case of the largest cruise ship in the world, Seth Meyers has set his lampooning sites on Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas." Celebrating its global stage 'coming-out' party, Royal Caribbean knows they've made it when SNL takes their cruise ship out for a spin and the social media airwaves hype their maiden voyage.

On November 7, SNL's popular weekend update satirized the size and magnitude of the cruise ship as it was arriving in its Port Everglades' harbor docking station.

"The 20-story-tall Oasis of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship, began her maiden voyage this week," cast member Seth Meyers announced during his "news brief" on the mega-ship. "Five times larger than the Titanic, it has seven neighborhoods, an ice rink, a golf course, a 750-seat outdoor amphitheater, and please say guns to fight off the pirates. No? No guns to fight off pirates? Well, enjoy your new boat, pirates!"

If you missed Meyers' cruise quip on "SNL," you can still watch the episode for free on Hulu or download it for $2.99 on iTunes. The Weekend Update segment begins 27 minutes into the program. Watch for Oasis at around 31:54!

Thousands of tweets have been cyber-ventilating the Twitterstream about the Oasis, similar to David's Sunfellow's Nov 2 tweet...

And according to a report, Richard D. Fain, the corporate chairman and chief executive, and Adam M. Goldstein, chief executive of the Royal Caribbean unit, both took time out from "hobnobbing with VIPs at the ship's delivery ceremony in Turku, Finland, on Oct. 28 to update personal blogs where they muse about the 5,400-passenger vessel."

"They have Twitter, Facebook. They're really making the ship a cult of personality,'' says Bob Cook, vice president of cruise sales at Go Travel in Orlando.

With seven neighborhoods, a leafy Central Park, the $1.4 billion ship is nearly as tall as the nation's Capitol and almost four football fields from stem to stern.

Central Park on Oasis of the SeasCentral Park on Oasis of the Seas

Here is Captain William Wright and the ships crew as they bring the Oasis of the Seas in for its triumphant arrival at its home-port of Port Everglades, Florida.

And in honor of its arrival, here is another SNL skit produced and performed by Andy Samberg. Singing a single off of The Lonely Islands' debut album, "INCREDIBAD," Andy and his pals wax poetic about the thrill of cruising on a big boat while attracting over 36 million views on this YouTube since February.

“It’s in the DNA of our company, about every 10 years, to take more or less a fresh sheet of paper and create the greatest cruise ship in the world,” CEO Adam Goldstein has said. He’d better hope he also reinvents American travel demand in the next year. Don't know where they're going to find 5400 passengers in this economy, even with the SNL and social media promotional push.

Happy Cruising!
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