The Sno Wovel™ Wheeled Snow Shovel



Say this fast three times: "Snow Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel." "Snow Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel." "Snow Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel."

Did Bugs Bunny make up this name? Ah, so many products out there are suffering for the right name. But the Sno Wovel, despite its tougue-twisting name, is no slouch when it comes to a brilliant invention.

In fact, you can throw away your shovel if you live where the white stuff is plentiful. The Sno Wovel will clear the decks three times faster than a regular shovel and often outperforms a snow blower. Anyone can use it, even lightweights or kids, because the Sno Wovel is fully adjustable to your body size. Not only that, but you can fold it up and hang it anyway or pack it in the trunk of your car to take it offsite. Not even a bad idea to start a snow removal business with it.



The Sno Wovel was a Time Magazine Best Invention for 2006, and now that it is well into production and distribution, the see-saw like patented Wovel has been getting great reviews from its customers.




Sure, they would rather use the Sno Wovel than a shovel; it's easier, faster, fun, adjustable to all human sizes and adaptable to all snow conditions (even slush!) ... and it doesn't cause back pain!

I bet that brought a lot of eyebrows up. In fact, the Sno Wovel was evaluated by the University of Massachusetts Ergonomic Research Center which concluded that Sno Wovel technology resulted in three to four times less stress on the lower back and the heart (cardio exertion) than the traditional snow shovel.

The winter is still young. Look into it... at


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