Sno:La Yogurt: Mouth Watering and Guilt-Free Eco-Friendly Yogurt Company

Frozen yogurt tends to be a guilt-free desert as it's lighter on the calories and the fat content. But there's another reason to feel a little bit of remorse when satisfying your sweet tooth, because until Sno:La came along, no frozen yogurt shop specialized in a product that has 100% organic and natural desert treat.

With frozen yogurt from Sno:La, you can allow your mouth to start watering, because not only will it be kind to your healthy eating habits, it's also kind to the environment. All the materials used to serve the delicious treats are biodegradable, and even the yogurt shop itself is eco-friendly with countertops made from recycled computer chips.

But really, I don't think it's the building materials or the cups that hold the yogurt that you really care about, although they're a nice added touch; it's all about the sweet, organic treats that are guilt-free all around! Their selection of frozen yogurts are flavored with 100% organic and natural products and they've got a unique, mouthwatering offering that you might not find at just any frozen yogurt shop. Choose from Italian Tart, Pomegranate, Dulce de Leche and more, and then top it all off with some delicious toppings.

As if the yogurt flavors themselves are not enough, you can pile on the toppings to make your sweet treat something that will keep your mouth watering for days. Sauces at Sno:La include aloe vera, natade coco and sour cherry and there are chocolate, candies, seasonal fresh fruit and nuts to top it all off; making it as visually appealing as it is delicious!

What's better than a business that offers a product that won't leave you feeling remorse? This eco-friendly company that offers a healthy alternative will favor your waste line and your environment. Locations of Sno:La are currently open in Beverly Hills and Kyoto Japan.