Snoopy USB Hub Can Be Yours For Peanuts

Fans of the long-running Peanuts comic strip fondly recall the swingin' sixties, when Charlie Brown and the gang regularly visited our new color TVs for a series of well-loved specials. Peanuts was a hit on the radio as well... remember "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron", a million-selling single for The Royal Guardsmen in 1966?

The TV specials and radio airplay helped make Charlie Brown's pet beagle, Snoopy, a bonafide cartoon superstar. Nearly half a century later, he still rules the Peanuts roost.

The Snoopy 3-port USB hub brings Snoopy into the computer age though he's still flying his iconic doghouse in pursuit of "the bloody Red Baron".

Snoopy's rickety, shot-up doghouse has been souped up and overhauled to become a more suitable World War I biplane.

Plug the USB connector into your desktop or laptop computer, flip the ON button and the fun begins: The biplane and Snoopy's head begin to bob & dip, the propeller spins and a gentle engine drone can be heard. All that's missing is a shouted "Curse you Red Baron!", but you can provide that yourself (when the boss is out for lunch).

Check out this video of the Snoopy Flying Ace USB Hub in action:

The Snoopy Flying Ace USB Hub can be ordered online from Rakuten for 4,679 yen (around $49.05). Hardly peanuts but hey - it's Peanuts! In the U.S., the Snoopy USB Hub can also be ordered from Amazon here.

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Mar 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Goody Snoopy

so adorable gadget...
This is exactly what I want for my PC.
but $58.70 for this 3-port USB hub is a little expensive to me now..
I really like it and decide to save money from today for this goody snoopy...