Snore No More with the Snore Stopper Wristband

Tired of being kicked by bedmates awoken by your snoring? The “Snore Stopper” from Hivox prompts snorers to shift their snore-inducing sleep positions with a gentle electrical zap from a battery-powered wristband. 

The key word here is “gentle” - you won't be having any “don't tase me bro” nightmares, at least none you can blame on the Snore Stopper. What happens in  the daytime can haunt you at night, however, so do step back from that unplated vehicle, flustered bank teller or line of helmeted and shielded riot police when asked to, mmkay?

But back to the Snore Stopper, which by the way doesn't claim to literally stop snoring, only reduce it. Even so, cutting snores down to just 3 (the number that activates the Snore Stopper) can mean all the difference to long-suffering spouses, kids in other rooms and the neighbors on your block.

The Snore Stopper works a little like those devices marketed to stop dogs from barking, except in this case the noise-maker actually wears the device on his or her wrist like a wristwatch. It's unobtrusive enough to wear to bed, college lectures, chick flicks or religious observances – anywhere snoring would normally occur.

Where the device touches the wearer's wrist are self-adhesive gel electrodes that – after 3 consecutive snores are detected – transmits a 4-second electrical pulse to the wearer's wrist. According to Hivox, this pulse is noted by the snorer's brain and the snorer then shifts position to (hopefully) a non-snoring position. Hey, beats being kicked in the Balkans... or wherever your home happens to be.

You can purchase the Hivox Snore Stopper online at the eSupply website or from Rakuten; choose from black, dark blue or matte silver. Prices are in the 5500 to 5800 yen range or around $72. (via Gigazine) Update: You can now get the Snore Stopper in the U.S. through this link.

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