SnoSoot Takes Sledding To The Next Level

Whether you're a winter sports guru or you just enjoy the occasional ride down a powdery hill, you may want to check out SnoSoot. Sledding with SnoSoot is unlike any other sledding experience, because instead of hopping on a sled, toboggan or any other piece of equipment, you wear your sled.

SnoSoot DownhillSnoSoot Downhill

Sledding Innovation

When Warren Gibson was 12 years old and learning to snowboard, he had a vision of a device that would be easier to learn that a snowboard, but just as fun (if not more fun). Fast forward about 10 years, and find Gibson hard at work designing a sled that you can wear, walk in and use to cruise down the slopes.

In 2013, Gibson formed SnoSoot LLC, the company that manufactures the SnoSoot. Their first entry into the winter sports (and winter fun toys) market was the SnoSoot Freestyle (Patent Pending). Now they manufacture two versions of the SnoSoot and two versions of a Youth SnoSoot. 

SnoSoot Head FirstSnoSoot Head First

SnoSoot Line

First, let me explain how the SnoSoot works (although you probably have a good idea by looking at the pictures above). Basically, you strap on the suit/sled ("soot") and then just slide down the slopes. It's kind of like turning yourself into a Slip-N-Slide. 

SnoSoot comes in two versions--the one in which you hurtle down the hill face first and the one in which you go feet first. Of course, the head-first version straps onto your front side and the feet-first version straps onto your back side. 

SnoSoot Feet FirstSnoSoot Feet First

As I mentioned, SnoSoot also comes in youth sizes (both the head-first and feet-first versions). You can also get the "soot" in different colors. White, purple, orange, light blue, dark blue, red, green and brown are all available. 

You'll pay a little more for the SnoSoot than you would for a traditional sled, but about the same price of a decent snowboard. If you're still not quite sold on the SnoSoot, check out the video below.