Snow Crawler Snowmobile Concept: Not Your Grandfather's Skidoo

The Snow Crawler snowmobile concept from Polish designer Michal Bonikowski not only traverses wintry environments, it protects them as well thanks to an all-electric, environmentally friendly powertrain.

This one-off concept may be misnamed: from its sleek, totally enclosed cockpit to the pyramidal tread configuration and finally the space-age sweep of the twin outboard skis, this sporty snowmobile does anything but crawl.

Speaking of the treads, they're driven by six geared conveyer-style wheels (three per side) whose layout was planned with deeper snow and uncleared trails in mind.

The concept also appears to be rigged for night travel as it sports faired-in LED headlights and a large LED brake light cluster mounted at the back of the roof for optimum visibility.

Though there's no obvious port for plug-in recharging of the Snow Crawler's onboard battery pack, rest assured it'll be in place once the project reaches the advance prototype stage.

Ditto for the interior amenities and accessories; presumably installed but no images nor descriptions have yet been provided.

As a single-person snowmobile the Snow Crawler's utility might be limited but the format also opens up some tantalizing possibilities: winter rally racing and military scouting & recon come to mind.

In any case, we may have to wait some time for production Snow Crawlers to be available. If the finished product hews to Bonikowski's vision as expressed in this exciting concept, however, it'll be well worth the wait. (via Gearheads and HiConsumption)