Shake Up The World With Creepy Snow Globes

Artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz construct eerie detailed artistic scenes hidden inside of snow globes.

Traditional snow globes house relaxing winter scenes of Evergreen trees, snow-capped houses and horse drawn carriages. However, these snow globes tell a different story.

These two artists have been working together since 1993. They sculpt miniature figures set in snowy outside scenes that depict sometimes horrible situations. Each snow globe tells a story and it’s up to the viewer to fill in the blanks of those stories. Some of these miniature people seem trapped in a fairy-tale like story.

The snow globes are part of their Travelers series. They are a limited edition as only 250 signed snow globes were made. As for the price of one of these, searching around on the Internet shows they are sold for $750.

Wow, I wish I had received one of these snow globes when I was younger. I think if I had gotten one of these, I would have been too afraid to leave my room. I love the detailed and haunting scenes. These snow globes hold cherished memories you aren’t likely to forget any time soon. And with Christmas in July rapidly approaching, these would make a great addition to any party. Provided that you have $750 to spend.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these?

Or just make one yourself

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Jul 1, 2008
by Anonymous

eaten by a giant spider

eaten by a giant spider while wandering through the snowscape?

Jul 4, 2008
by Anonymous


I can't believe that it isn't obvious to everyone by this point that the whole "photoshopped" bit is only ever added anymore to get a rise out of people.
'Shopped!' posters don't care one-way-or-the-other whether the images /have/ been manipulated or not, it's trolling, they're guaranteed an indignant reponse. Just role your eyes, shake your head and say nothing, otherwise you're playing right into it.

Jul 5, 2008
by Anonymous

these are crazy awesome lol

i want a bunch of these especially the spider one lol

Jul 6, 2008
by Anonymous


haha, couldn't help but laugh : D

If I had 750$ I'd definitely buy one of these. I especially liked the one with the tree and the person climbing a ladder to get some clothes, made me think it would be some kind of prank.

Jul 7, 2008
by Anonymous


you tools fail it doesn't matter if its a shop its the concept they are showing there work which is an interesting and fresh idea. Unlike lame ass snow globes....

Jul 11, 2008
by Anonymous


I think that there should be a snow globe kit so that we could try and do this ourselves!

Dec 21, 2008
by Anonymous

snow globs

wowza i love i love snow globes i do i do