Snowboarding Ninja Suit Jump Kicks Your Season

Any seasoned skier or snowboarder knows that staying warm and dry on the mountain starts with the right base layer. And I can't think of a righter base layer than this here Airblaster Ninja Suit. That's right: a full-body base layer that makes you look like a Japanese mercenary.


Ninjas are pretty hot right now, and this suit is sure to keep you even hotter. Typically, the warmest clothing is that which lets your body parts band together to spread and maintain body heat. And since the Ninja suit runs from your feet up to the top of your head, your entire body is covered up without any drafty shirt/pants transition or collar. I'm warm just looking at the thing. 

Now you probably have a few worries when looking at an all-out body sock. A. How do I get into it? -Full front zipper lets you slip in and out.- B. How the hell do I go to the bathroom with that thing underneath my snow pants, jacket and mid-layers? -Good question, but Airblaster has it all figured out: a fly up front for quick onesies and a 350-degree zipper at the waist that lets you get your cheeks out in time to hit the bowl.-

Now I'd imagine the latter will still be a little more difficult with snow pants/mid-layer fleece pants and a jacket to worry about, but deucing with your full-on ski ensemble is never all that easy--especially not in cramped, dirty resort bathrooms that are bound to have pee on the seat and floor. That's why you hold it as long as possible.

The Ninja Suit comes in two flavors: the more affordable four-way stretch, moisture-wicking Air-Tech fabric, and a 100 percent merino wool model. The former retails for $110 while the latter is $180. More info awaits you at

Editor's Note: The Ninja Suit now comes in a wide variety of styles and colors and is available on Amazon here.

Via: Uncooped 

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