Snowshoes Without The Bindings: Easton V60 Racing

Even if you build a pair of snowshoes out of sticks and twine, they have bindings. It's just something that you need to keep your feet attached. But Easton (of Easton aluminum fame) has a simple new solution that saves weight and turns your shoes into default bindings. V02 Racing snowshoes cut the bindings right out in favor of a pair of bolts.

Instead of strapping into your bindings, you mount a pair of hiking or running shoes to the snowshoe with a pair of bolts included with the V02. This kind of ruins your shoes, seeing as how you'll have two holes right through the soles, but it gives you a comfortable, minimalistic pair of bindings that save weight. Great for when an ounce means the difference between first and 10th place. 

The V02 also includes some cool features found on other Easton snowshoes. The frame is a two-piece aluminum frame that is split in the middle to provide better grip and shock absorption. There's also the "Split-Axis" crampon for better grip and speed. 

The V02 Racing snowshoes will be available next fall for $300 a pair. They will only be offered in a 21-inch size. 

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