Snowtime Anytime Lets You Have A Snowball Fight Anytime, Anywhere

Maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t get snow. Or maybe you do and you want to have a snowball fight in the middle of summer. Short of Elsa making you your very own snow cloud, you’re out of luck. Unless you have a bucket of Snowtime Anytime. You can have tons of snowy fun anytime and anywhere with Snowtime.

Snowtime Anytime Indoor Snowballs allows you to have a snowball fight anytime the mood strikes. They are as soft as cotton balls, but crunch like real snow. They are sturdy enough to go through many battles and are machine washable. The best part? These snowballs are warm, mess free, and can be played with at any age.

Use them for winter decorations, winter themed parties, or to fight boredom. I am lucky—yeah let’s go with lucky—to live where we get more than enough snow. But gearing up my three little kids is more work than it’s worth on most days. And snowball fights with toddlers don’t usually end well. As much as my kids like to throw stuff, they don’t appreciate an icy mess thrown at them. They would, however, enjoy 40 snowball-like balls to chuck around the house.

Snowtime Anytime Snowballs come in a reusable carrying case in quantities of 20 or 40 and with a list of games to play using the snowballs. Games include snowball hide-n-seek, an adaptation of horseshoes, and a good old fashioned snowball fight between two or more players. The snowballs are three inches in diameter and made of out of a polyester yarn. And they really are soft enough to throw at each other without causing pain or injury.

Adults enjoy Snowtime snowballs too. Get silly with your kids, take them to your next party, or interrupt a meeting at work with an indoor snowball fight. The snowball fight can go to a new level of fun with Snowtime Anytime’s inflatable Snow Fort and Snow Castle. Both the fort and castle come with a foot pump and repair kit—just in case the competition gets too crazy.

I think my four year old daughter’s head would explode if she had the snow castle. In a good way. Forget snowball battles, she would officially be the queen of Arendelle if she had her very own ice castle.

Use your imagination and best aim. Snowtime Anytime lets you have an indoor snowball fight anytime and anywhere.

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