So, Will the Perfect Bacon Bowl Provide Deliciousness? Let's Find Out!

I love bacon.  I don't mean just "love".  I mean I love it as much as I love cheese.  If cheese and bacon were to get into a fight I would jump in to mediate because I wouldn't want either of them hurt.  I would encourage peace amongst dairy and pork products and usher a new era a prosperity and, yes... love.

Then I would eat them both.

But, I digress.  The idea of the Perfect Bacon Bowl is intriging.  But does it deliver deliciousness?  Let's take a look at the infommercial and see what this product has to offer:

Looks yummy so far!  In fact, I'm drooling a bit (I've not yet had breakfast).

The reviews for this product are generally positive, though the negatives deserve some consideration.  On the plus side, the Perfect Bacon Bowl does what it is supposed to do: make a bowl of bacon.


This is actually kind of cool because you can make some low-carb recipes with a bowl of bacon; just look at that picture above.  Throw in an egg substitute and some veggies and there is a little goblet of deliciousness.  With a side of fruit and some milk (or beer if football is involved) I would become a one man shark feeding frenzy.

It can also be used to make bread bowls, eggs, and other dishes, making it a multi-tasking kitchen tool.

The cons are interesting.  In some cases consumers have had problems with the amount of grease produced by the bacon itself.  The grease splatters to the bottom of the oven and burns.  Um... okay, here's a tip guys: spread a sheet of foil over the lower rack in the oven to catch the grease.  Tah-dah!  No mess.

The next con is a bit more problematic and something that makes sense to me: the bacon slides down the edge of the cup and turns into a blob instead of a bowl.  Granted, you're still getting delicious bacon, but this could be a problem.  I suspect part of this is caused by the quality of bacon purchased.  Some types simply have more fat that others.  Fat will lube up the bowl and cause the bacon to slide down a bit.

From what I can gather it is not microwave friendly, but works well in a toaster oven.  Some reviewers state that you can do the same type of bacon bowl in a muffin pan.  While this is true, the muffin pan generates more of a mess due to not having a ledge to catch the grease.  Youwould need to use another pan underneath, and handling a flat pan full of grease is not fun.

Overall I think the Perfect Bacon Bowl is worth checking out.  It's only 10 bucks and doesn't take up much space in your cupboard.

If you want to learn more about the Perfect Bacon Bowl (or to purchase it), go to Perfect Bacon Bowl or Amazon!

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