Soak Media: Marketing Company With Unique Water Bottle Advertising

Soak Media has a unique marketing plan that it delivers to its clients to increase visibility and increase clientele. Although it seems like they're onto something by capturing a unique, niche market in branding, their concept is also a controversial one because it doesn't abide by the eco-conscious trends that we're so heavily focused on today.

Soak MediaSoak Media

Soak Media sells advertising space to their clients on small 330ML plastic water bottles, which they distribute for free to commuters within London in the UK. With water bottles spending an estimated 50 minutes in the hands of thirsty Londoners, there's no doubt that commuters will have ample time to read about the company and services outlined on their beverage bottle. Soak Media is doing things both right and wrong - they're taking a new approach to marketing that might boost their client's visibility and help their own services stand out from the pack in the cut-throat world of marketing and PR; but they're creating a serious amount of unnecessary waste.

What do you think about this unique marketing business?  Should this concept stay across the pond or would you like to see it come to North America?