Soak Your Dad (or Friends) With The Remote Controlled Water Cannon!

Hey, kids.  Wanna piss off your Dad?  If so, have this little whopper waiting for him when he gets home from a long day at work:

This is The Remote Controlled Water Cannon.  It hooks up to a regular garden hose, just like any lawn sprinkler.  But that is where the similarity ends.  See, this little water weapon has a variety of bonus features to soak your Dad... or your Mom... or friends... or your cat...

Let's start with the cannon's barrel.  Three interchangeable nozzles are provided to create different patterns coverage-mist, spray, and stream.  How many victims fall to your watery attack depends on the nozzle type.

But the big plus about this cannon is the remote control.  Using an infrared device, you can control the cannon from up to 30 feet away-but only if you're in direct line-of-sight.  You can rotate it 270? horizontally.  The barrel can angle down by 5? and raise by 20?.  This means you can shoot over or under barriers such as fences or cars.   

And with a range of 100 feet, that's not too shabby.

All of this soaking action is powered for 10 hours by four C batteries (and one 9-volt battery for the remote control).

Now, I realize that if you nail your Dad after work with a remote controlled jet of water, you'll probably get in trouble.  The key is to hide in your bedroom and activate the unit while you're still inside.

It's call "plausible deny-ability."

Hell, it works in governmental circles; why not here?

Head on over to Hammacher Schlemmer for some remote controlled soaking fun!

Editor's Update: This Remote Controlled Water Cannon is no longer available. Perhaps a remote controlled Water Spraying Helicopter  or a remote controled BB Shooting Tank could be a fun alternative? 


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