Soap Tablets Raise The Bar On Portable Personal Hygiene

These tiny soap tablets from Dreams Inc come in a plastic packet that could easily be mistaken from breath mints, which is the whole point!

Imagine licking an egg-sized mint and then somehow re-wrapping the gooey globule until you need it the next time. Dumb, huh? Yet that's what people have been doing when they want to bring a bar of soap with them camping, clubbing or anywhere beyond their home base. There just has to be a better way - and with soap tablets, there is.

Available in Original (blue), Rose (pink) and Citrus (yellow), Soap Tablets look like flattened aspirins and are just 1/2 inch (12mm) wide. Pop one out of the pack, work up some suds, and by the time you're done... so's the tablet. No muss, no fuss, no slippery bar left to be wrapped in tissues or popped in a baggie - yuk!

Amazon Japan is selling packs of Soap Tablets for 294 yen ($3.20) each, though they unfortunately don't ship outside of Japan. Pity... this is one innovative idea that's both sick AND slick! (via Japan Today)