Soapy Love Ice Pop Soaps Shower You with Good Taste

Soapy Love's handmade glycerin soaps from Japan's “exciting book store” Village Vanguard look so yummy you'll want to rub them all over yourself... which just happens to be their purpose.

These colorful glycerin soaps are shaped like your favorite “ice candy”, as they're called in Japan. Handmade in San Diego and sold in Japan for 1,575 yen (about $19.55) each, you might feel they're too pricey to actually use – like those luxury soaps in the fancy dish you were forbidden to wash up with when you were a kid.

Choose from 18 different flavors including Neapolitan (left), Squeaky Melon, Peachy Keen, Candy Carousel, Mint Chip, Orange You Cute, and Nilla Sammie (whatever that is). Orange You Cute appears to have a bite taken out of it but that's not a suggestion, unless Mom caught you cursing again.

Each bar of Soapy Love ice pop soap contains the following standard ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, propylene glycol, castor oil, safflower oil, glycerin, purified water, hydroxide Na, sorbitol, flavoring, sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, titanium dioxide, red No. 226, PET, chromium hydroxide. If that won't get you clean, nothing will.