Soccer Balls Go GPS

I never really realized how many different things that you can do with a soccer ball. After seeing the energy-pumping Soccket and the juggle-enhancing PopItBall, we now have a soccer ball with GPS technology. Yes, even soccer balls are now taking advantage of a system once used solely for strategic military applications. And like the Soccket (i.e. sOccket), this one features an odd name with lots of unnecessary capitalization: CTRUS.

The soccer ball concept from design firm AGENT features GPS and RFID tracking designed to assist refs in close calls like off sides and out of bounds. Unfortunately, GPS is by no means accurate enough to assist in split-second, hairline calls, but it's an interesting idea nonetheless.

The ball features a unique design with a transparent shell that allows for visual into the central CPU and enhances the "transparency" of the game for some pun points.

Check out the website, where you'll be treated to video and script that is far too dramatic for any sport--especially soccer. Just look at the

Via: Dvice