Soccer Robots Hope to Take on Human Players Some Day


Robots are taking their stab a lot of different games and sports. While you may not be too impressed by the robots that can best you at table tennis, what about one that is scoring goals in one of the worlds most beloved games, soccer?

A new international soccer game has come into being. This soccer tournament is a little bit different however. The contest, dubbed RoboCup, takes place in the city of Eindhoven and plays host to about 40 teams of soccer playing robots.

For now the robots are small, most of them are about the size of a sheet cake, but they can play the game. At least most of the time. There are comic instances where the player about to score a goal breaks out into a dance instead of kicking the ball, but we all have our off moments.

The developers hope their bots will be beating the best human players by 2050, thought for now the pros don’t seem to have too much to worry about.

Source: Guardian

Image: Morgue File