Social Media Analytics Apps Are Topped By Twitter's Own


Analytic applications for Twitter are too numerous to count - and probably one of the reasons Twitter has waited so long to launch their own. Finding the right tool that distinguishes signal from noise is not an easy task. Klout, Omniture and Twitalyzer were a few of the existing analytic apps that did not make the final cut. Trendly, on the other hand seems to have fit the bill.

Back in June, Twitter announced its acquisition of Smallthought Systems, makers of Dabble DB and Trendly. Their analytics dashboard appears to have inspired the acquisition. For the last five months, the Smallthought team have been hard at work adapting the Trendly functionality for Twitter.

Trendly dashboardTrendly dashboard
According to a Mashable report Twitter has started inviting a select group of users to test the new analytics suite that will feature the free dashboard for users.  The analytics package will provide users with a means to slice and dice the data pertaining to their account. Tweets that were the most successful and those that caused people to unfollow are a few examples of information that will be retrievable from Trendly.

In an exchange with Search Engine Land, a Twitter spokesperson told the publishers, "there's a strong corporate demand for better monitoring and analytics tools, and explained the analytics tool's test program as follows:

While other analytic applications like Dan Zarrella's TweetPsych and it psychographic profiling of users and their tweets, Trendly will surface who the most influential users are that reply and retweet specific messages to their followings. This is especially important for brands who rely heavily on engaging customers as a result of social media interaction. Knowing a company's best brand advocates can isolate targeted marketing campaigns more effectively.

In this Trendly charts, a bar graph over 6-hours increments shows users mentions, follows and unfollows and filters tweets by categories that are defined as "best," "good" and "all."

According to the , Twitter has learned to match-up current Twitter users. This report noted that "Twitter has a 'secret reputation' score for each user, and uses this information to suggest people to follow others." This not only includes celebrities with large followings but also social media types that are identified by Twitter as tweeting out note-worthy tweets, and attracting large followings that include internationals. However, according to the report, "it remains to be seen whether Twitter Analytics will reveal this score to each user or not."

So, where does this leave the other analytics applications now that Twitter has settled on the 'chosen' one? I think many will survive as long as they distinguish themselves with features and benefits that are not offered by Trendly. With Twitter at a suspected valuation of $3 billion and with over 65 million tweets registered each day, there is clearly a need to be able to slice and dice this data even finer than what ever Twitter and Trendly come up with.

Nov 18, 2010
by Anonymous

LOL! when you go to, it says they are not accepting new clients at this time. I was really hoping to check 'em out with a little more depth. However, good to know they won't overextend themselves and not deliver appropriately to anyone. I'll try to be patient. LOL!