Social Media Booty Calls By Virtual Cloud Girlfriends

In 'Lars and the Real Girl' - as delusional as the lead character was in the movie, at least he had something "real" to hold onto. With the beta launch of a site called "Cloud Girlfriend," the goal is to offer virtual love affairs to male users in the form of what they might conjuring up as perfect mates. Giving a whole new meaning to the sexual innuendo "faking it," this new Internet startup wants to help guys move their status from "single" to "in a relationship" on Facebook.

The Young Turks Network see this new venture as a means for men to make themselves more appealing to other women in the real world - 'bazoongas' and all . . .a sure-fire way to get High School right the second time around. . .

Still in pre-launch - so we don't know if the virtual girlfriend has a real gal or dude behind the curtain sending offDavid FuhrimanDavid Fuhriman status updates to your Facebook wall - or whether the messages will be automated - even though an ABC report says co-founder David Fuhriman insists the site will not resort to "bots."

By being politically correct, Fuhriman is preemptively addressing Facebook's terms of service that prohibits FB accounts which don't belong to real people - dissimilar to Twitter where bots roam free throughout the Twittersphere.

When questioned on his Quora account "How will the startup Cloud Girlfriend scale, he responded: "very carefully". . .

These social media booty calls according to Fuhriman are not meant to satisfy sexual desire however. Apparently trying to distinguish his operation from porn sites with the possibility of being banned by Facebook, Fuhriman notes that " is not a new virtual porn site or an adult chat service - those services attempt to fill a physiological need, but it does not satisfy intimacy and friendship."

If that be the case, why has Fuhriman and his team decided on launching a service for males exclusively, instead of both sexes? When asked, he responded, that "maybe there could be a (virtual) boyfriend," but didn't indicate if virtual male counterparts would be emerging on FB walls any time soon.

By taking the high road, he even goes so far as to maintain that these interactions can build self confidence and help users navigate real-life situations. Seems like a stretch - put maybe not - if you compare Cloud Girlfriend to the movie 'Lars and the Real Girl' where the main character's neurosis actually converted his community into believing that a fake love relationship was better than no love at all.

When Fuhriman was asked by the Business Insider as to his monetization scheme for the site, there was no indication if he was going to slap a price tag on these social media booty calls . . . after all that would make him appear as a virtual 'Cloud Pimp!'

Happy Virtual Hook-ups!!!

Mar 29, 2011
by Anonymous

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