Social Media Building Blocks are a Series of Cubes

An innovative system of social media cubes adds style with substance to your virtual world. Tomodachi (“friends”) Blocks, a design concept by Japanese designer Aya Shimada, allow you to build your social network with two-fisted determination.       

Facebook's popularity notwithstanding, the concept of an online social network is relatively new to society and can be difficult to grasp.

Now Japanese designer Aya Shimada has accomplished the social media equivalent of what the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, in attempting to describe the Internet, once referred to as “a series of tubes.”

Tomodachi Blocks are a modular system of wood blocks, each equipped with a single speaker, an iPod Nano-sized screen, and a wireless net connection that facilitates live audio and video streaming.

As described by Yanko Design, every attractive wood cube represents a single virtual friend and when you assemble the blocks in close proximity, internal sensors link up the individual “blockheads” who can then carry on a group chat. Senator Ted would have loved it!