As The Social Media Cookie Crumbles, Rapper Licks Oreos on Facebook

Similar to the Ashton Kutcher-CNN-Larry King challenge on Twitter last year, Oreos, the venerable 89-year-old cookie company wants to set a Guinness World Record for the "most LIKES on Facebook within a 24-hour period." Unfortunately the cookie with the frosting everyone likes to lick off, might be knocked out of the competition by the mega-selling hip-hop rapper named Lil Wayne.

On Tuesday, February 15th at 9AM, when Oreo posted their "cookie-shaped" LIKE button on their Fan page, they sent a plea out to their fans to help them set the record. Within 5 hours, they racked up over 56,000 LIKES, with 19 hours remaining. At the time of this posting, it has moved up to 98,000+.

Later that afternoon, the Lil Wayne laid down the gauntlet when he posted the following to his Facebook wall for his 20 million fans to see. Within less than 45 minutes, he brought in almost 200,000 LIKES. Since that time he has more than doubled his LIKEs, exceeding Oreos by over 300,000.

According to a Mashable report, it was unclear if Lil Wayne actually filed his challenge with the Guiness Record authorities, The report stated, "it's unclear, if Lil Wayne needed to register with the Guinness people before the event, as the Oreo team had." Guinness representative could not be reached for comment and Kraft Foods reps declined to comment as well.

However since Lil Wayne has over 20 million fans vs Oreo's 16.5, he does have a slight advantage.  The record attempt makes Oreos the latest brand and Lil Wayne the latest celebrity to try and leverage the power of social media and the credibility of the Guinness Book of Records.

In a Mashable, Lil Wayne's digital manager, Mazy Kazerooni, was more interested in displaying the artist's social media prowess than a competition. “I want people to think ‘Bieber, Gaga and Lil Wayne.’ The traffic we do is ridiculous and no one really knows,” Kazerooni says.

So readers, are you a milk-and-cookie fan or a rap enthusiast? If you want the  sweet-confectionery dark horse to catch up to the rapper, I suggest you tweet and post status updates to all your friends to start hitting Oreos' LIKE button. If not, I'm afraid Lil Wayne's last licks might give him the record, when this challenge comes to a close mid-afternoon on February 16.

And if you need a motivator to start LIKING Oreos, check out this outstanding award-winning commercial that aired last year. It's titled, "Father and Son" and really embodies how many us feel about the cookie that has stood the test of time and conjures up a lot of fond memories from our collective childhoods.

UPDATE - February 16 - Times NewsFeed: The final 24-hour tally for Oreo? 114,619. As of 1 pm Wednesday, Lil Wayne was still raking in clicks, with more than 530,000 "likes" and 23,000 comments in 23 hours, and still growing.

A rep for Guinness World Records said, "We are aware of Lil Wayne's attempt for the same record which is currently ongoing. Guinness World Records will review any applicant's evidence once they have completed their attempt, which in this case is at the end of the 24-hour period. This record demonstrates how exciting social media records can be and it is great to see so many people getting involved with these attempts."