Social Media Currency- Facebook Credits Go Retail With 7-11 Slurpies

It was just a matter of time for Facebook to step up its game to promote Facebook Credits to mainstream America in the real world. And what better way to do it than to have them available at nearly all of the 6,000 7-11 stores in the continental US?

PayNearMe is the new product that allows Facebook users who don't have or don't want to use their credit cards to purchase Facebook Credits in the real world. Since Facebook Credits are currently priced at $0.10 apiece, PayNearMe is giving users a 10 percent bonus. So for every one dollar purchase, you will receive 11 credits. In addition, most users will also receive a 50 or 100 bonus worth $5 or $10.

How Does It Work?

Users sign into PayNearMe using Facebook Connect and register the number of credits they want to purchase. They then print out the 'transaction' page which can be scanned and redeemed at any 7-11 store. According to a TechCrunch report, since this campaign just launched, "the bonus is available at just about every 7-11 right now, and resets at the next work shift (and) the Web site also tells you which nearby 7-11's still have the bonus waiting."

Kwedit is the company behind PayNearMe and CEO Danny Shader has indicated that the promo will only runDanny ShaderDanny Shader for a few weeks as the company tests out the system. Apparently after this test, this campaign will be followed up by a new product launch coming shortly that will let people pay via cash at 7-11s for a variety of online and offline goods.

At All Facebook it was reported that Facebook is pushing further into the credits business, promoting additional ways that users can earn them through real-world and virtual transactions beyond the PayNearMe experiment.

“Besides getting Facebook Credits in your favorite apps, do you know that there are also other ways to get them? Thanks to Plastic Jungle, Rixty, Inc., Booyah, and, get Credits by exchanging gift cards, turning in spare change, checking into locations, and entering a sweepstake. This week, be on the lookout as we feature these other ways.”

While Facebook tests the waters to get more and more Facebook Credits into circulation, Facebook's main source of distribution still remains its online games, particularly its multi-million dollar partnership with Zynga and their widely popular games that include Farmville and Mafia Wars. With 30 percent of  every transaction made by users on these games, Facebook can now add "tax collector" fees to its social networking empire's coffers.

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