Social Media Finds "F Word" Acceptable For Songs & Graphic Novel

From George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television," and Harry Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart" back in the 70's, it's taken almost 40 years for one of the most taboo of curse words to make it into every day discourse via social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Today, the infamous verb/ noun/ adjective is not only the title of a new top 40 song called "F*ck You," it's lyrics were emblazoned on a YouTube screen shot that's gone viral to the tune of almost 56.5+ million views, as of this posting.

Cee Lo GreenCee Lo GreenAs a follow-up to Gnarls Barkley's Grammy award-winning hit "Crazy" back in 2006, Cee-lo Green has done it once again with "F*ck You," - a hip single that intrigues not only because of its shock value but also because it's a catchy tune.

Song writer Steve Baker (aka "bwaySteve") also felt using a variation of the verboten cuss word was appropriate for the lyrics he laid down for a tune called, "Shut The Mother-F*cker Down." From Baker's perspective, "there was no other word that could really capture the emotion that he and his co-workers were feeling when they learned they were permanently laid off.

When New York City's Off-Track Betting Corporation unexpectedly made good on its threat last December to close the doors to its wager centers, the NY State Senate declined to save the long-suffering horse-betting operation. This shuttered approximately 50 parlors throughout NYC where some 1,000 employees lost their jobs. Baker, a 30+ yr veteran of the company decided to make a statement regarding the hardship that affected his livelihood and those of his associates.

The song debut of "STMFD" will hopefully give some solace to Baker's OTB colleagues - and will result in becoming a grass-roots hit underscoring the current economic recession we are all struggling with - to this day.

First posted to a Facebook Fan page, the tune can also be found on YouTube.

In another literary genre, "F*ck" is also featured in the title of a new graphic novel that satirizes the world of social media. "Facebucks & Dumb F*cks Graphic Novel" is the first graphic novel to actually use the world of social networking as its backdrop. The fictional tale told by the online cartoon character kidd millennium parodies the origins of Facebook and the trials and tribulations of its founder, a character called Z-Man.

The origin of "Dumb F*cks" used in the title comes from the alleged IM Mark Zuckerberg sent to one his classmates at Harvard, when they asked him how he was able to attract so many followers to Facebook. The social network founder responded by calling them "Dumb F*cks," - and the fictional character in the book tells the story of a omnipotent modern-day Pied Piper leading the blind toward a precarious social networking precipice.

Page from Facebucks & Dumb F*cks graphic novelPage from Facebucks & Dumb F*cks graphic novel
The book was awarded "eBook Graphic Novel" of the year for 2010, by the Huffington Post and The Gatekeepers Post. The Facebucks' Twitter and Facebook accounts will keep followers and fans up to date on the prognostications noted in the fictional tale and downloads are currently available at Apple's iBook store for iPads.

Page from Facebucks & Dumb F*cks graphic novelPage from Facebucks & Dumb F*cks graphic novel