Social Media Intern Wanted Before Overexposed Star Stops Trending

Only a week into social networking and TeamSheen needs to recruit an intern to help him do some of the heavy 'social media' lifting. Scaling past 2.3 million followers on Twitter in less than ten days, the ex-Two and Half Men star is not only drunk on the drug called "Charlie Sheen," he's also realized that he's a social media rock star. Or is he? Has the "winning" megalomaniac peaked, or are prospective interns going to be queuing up faster than fanboys at an "Apple iPad2" launch day?

Accompanied to this tweet of March 7. . .

. . . he linked a job description at Are you qualified? All you need do is convince Charlie in 75 characters or less (he doesn't have time to read a tweet's standard 140 characters) and tell him why you think #winning means something. Better yet, why don't you tell him if #winning will mean anything to anyone a month from now.

According to an AOL report, social media pros are warning prospective candidates to be leery of signing up for this opportunity. PR agent Len Gutman who works as a social media consultant said he'd tell his students of the perils of working for the meltdown known as Sheen. "It's a social media firestorm" with a major downside: you'd be "working for a drug addict and a psychopath."

Peter Shankman, another social media consultant thinks otherwise. He sees this recruitment campaign as a continuation of an elaborate publicity stunt.

Yohei Nakajima, a marketing consultant in LA has already applied for the gig. He thinks he has the chops to add a little "sheen to Sheen." "He needs a Twitter account that is separate from his personal voice so if people ask questions, someone else can answer them," Nakajima said.

All applications have to be in by March 11 before TeamSheen makes its pick. And while the job description doesn't say anything about drugs or alcohol, it would probably be wise to bone up on what "banging' seven-gram rocks" means before sitting down for your interview. And while the post is said to be a "paid position," prospective candidates might want to ask their prospective leader if that means getting paid in "tiger blood?" Also once in the position - will you be required do the work of two and half men?

Important not to forget to read the fine print. The classified job advertisement for the position ends with "You will learn how to promote and develop the social media network of Hollywood's most trending celebrity." However, Sheen and all his catch phrases stopped trending on Twitter several days ago. So if you can't believe the ad, how are you going to believe the man who would be your boss?

UPDATE:  March 10 - Daily News: Charlie Sheen draws in over 74,000 social media intern applicants within less than 48 hours...