Social Media Introduces iTrailer For 'The Social Network' Movie

Without clearing it with Apple, the producers of The Social Network and Scott Pilgrim vs The World have introduced  "iTrailer" - as an innovative means for users to interact with a movie's trailer while the video is playing online.

While Scott Pilgrim vs. the World provided only facts about the making of movie, the new trailer for The Social Network actually provides viewers a stream of facts, video links and stats about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's origins.The video is actually the latest iteration of the original trailer. By simply clicking the video at any time throughout it's 2 minute airplay, read-outs will appear at the bottom of the screen (some with links that will take viewers to videos and articles). See how many insider tidbits of information you are already aware of - and those that might be a surprise…

Ironically, the iTrailer debuted on MySpace, because Facebook refused to participate in any of the movie's promotion.

Here's some interesting salient facts that may have slipped under your radar. . .
  • For being the youngest self-made billionaire, Zuckerberg still rocks the North Face sweatshirts, Adidas slippers and lives in a modest house.
  • Users share more than 25 billion pieces of information with Facebook each month. You might think twice before you next status update.
  • The average Facebook user loses 23.333 hours a month on Facebook. What else could you be doing with that time?
  • The average age of a Facebook employee is 31. Currently, Facebook has over 900 employees, including Jesse Eisenberg’s (who plays Mark Zuckerberg in the movie) cousin.
  • Edourdo Saverin and Zuckerberg put a new twist to the term 'frenemy.'
  • Currently Facebook is valued at over 25 billion dollars.
  • One third of women in the US aged 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up. 50% are fine with being friends with complete strangers.
  • 97% of Harvard students graduate, but Mark Zuckerberg wasn't one of them.
And the one underlying theme of the movie is captured in this one cryptic question…
  • How does such a private person create a social revolution?
On the Mashable site, the video provides viewers with a full article on a specific topic, when they click on "Mark would like to know if you have a question?"

When clicked, you are taken to Mashable's correspondent Ben Parr's article about Facebook's latest application, "Facebook Questions," which is Facebooks answer to Google Search. Here, users are allowed to get answers to their queries from the entire Facebook community.

Facebook QuestionsFacebook Questions

Only presented to a small number of select Facebook users, the product is still in Beta. With over 500 million users, Zuckerberg feels that his critical mass of users is a valuable brain-trust of knowledge.  And he might be right. With a population that large, if Facebook was granted terra firm, it would  rank third to China and India as the most populated.

What's your take on iTrailers? Was it interactive enough for you?