Social Media Meets Marathon Man: Introducing the iRun

I see your Facebook and I raise you... Footbook? Joseph Tame, a British expat now living in Tokyo, has hit upon a unique method of combining freelance marketing, social media, performance art and marathon running.

Crafted into a wearable suit of sorts, Tame and his “World's Most Advanced Mobile Social Media Studio” – the iRun – will hit the ground running in the 2011 Tokyo Marathon this Sunday, February 27th.

The iRun was designed to record a variety of data during Tame's 26-mile marathon run, assuming the extra weight doesn't tucker him out before the finish line looms. What kind of weight? Well (takes deep breath), how about four Apple iPhones secured to rotatable mounts, one iPad, an Android handset, a trio of mobile Wi Fi routers, a 4-in-1 atmospheric monitor and, last but not least, a heart monitor. Safety first, y'know.

Check out Tame giving the iRun a test run through Tokyo city streets, attracting attention from citizens who thought they've seen it all:

Tame explains the workings of the iRun at his website, Tame Goes Wild, stating that “This technology will allow me to broadcast live video on two cameras (using either Skype or FaceTime to a local studio for re-broadcast), send live location/pace/heart rate data via Runkeeper on the iPhone, transmit temperature and COx/humidity/noise levels via a custom-made Android app – and do all of this while looking incredibly cool.”

Uhh, yeah... let's just say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and the so-called “wind turbines” (a couple of kid's whirligigs) and “satellite dish” (actually a plastic bird-feeding dish) are more fashion than function.

Regardless, Joseph Tame and the iRun are ready and set to go, giving social media a real run for its money. (via Japan Probe and Metro UK)