Social Media Platform For Hotels Offers Web Site Visitors Incentives

Based on the premise that travelers can become a brand's strongest advocates,, the social media service for hotels, airlines and restaurants launched its 'confirmation' component to beta customers this past year. Over 50 hotels on five continents have integrated with to allow guests who book online to receive incentives for communicating with their followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This month, the social media platform expands to include incentives for Web site visitors as well.

Engagement rates (ROE) for guests who book at a hotel online and then communicate with their social network followers and fans have ranged between 20 -35 percent (a very high conversion rate when compared to traditional advertising returns). confirmation confirmation component
Coming this month,'s new functionality will expand upon this success to offer similar incentives to anyone who visits the hotel's Web site, to essentially provide hoteliers with a trackable ROI utilizing social media. Offers such as guest room upgrades can be made available to all who connect through Facebook or post their name and email address. new feature for Web site new feature for Web site visitor
Testimonials from existing guests or from a Web site visitor's social network following helps in the vetting process for a hotel with a trusted third party endorsement. (note below: Gil has already booked a room at this particular hotel). vetted by previous hotel vetted by previous hotel guests
Vouchers with one-time QR Codes are sent to all visitors and will remain valid based on the terms of expiration set up by the hotel. Voucher
Then periodically over the course of time the voucher is valid, the hotel can send out reminders that not only tell the visitor how much time remains before expiration, but also provides the visitor with the opportunity to pass the voucher along to friend if they don't think they will be able to use it themselves. Room Upgrade Expiration Room Upgrade Expiration Reminder
The new feature will be rolled out to all of's current beta customers that include the James Hotels in Chicago and New York, Tunes Hotels in SE Asia and UK, the Louis Group in Capetown, Africa, Aqua Resorts in Hawaii, the Divan Group in Istanbul, Turkey, The Talbott in Chicago, and the Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite, Nevada. Beta Beta Clients
For those interested in becoming a hotel beta client, hoteliers can sign up for a Web presentation at their Web site.

While Foursquare continues to be the geo-location rage for venue check-ins, there is no comparison to the robust nature of that not only motivates guests to book online, but also incents Web site visitors to 'check in' virtually without having to download a mobile app to be eligible.

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