Social Media Search Forecasts Clouds, With No Chance of Google

With Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox and other online social networking sites and services now part of our daily routine, we have all become social media publishers to some degree. Our bon mots have been tweeted, emailed and updated with photos on profiles across a wide spectrum of "cloud" lock-boxes. However the difficulty in accessing those entries after the fact is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Greplin is the latest "personal" search engine to address a void that Google seems to have overlooked. Easy to use, the service works with nearly every computer, browser and mobile device in the market today - and to boot - according to its Web site hype, it's "up to 1,000x faster than Gmail search."

Currently in closed Beta, here is a sampling of its amazing features and functionality.

You can sign up for any number of services for Greplin to index, including the following:

It provides real-time results and only uses OAuth and other APIs for authorization, so Greplin doesn't have access to a user's third party credentials.

Daniel GrossDaniel GrossFollowing in the footsteps of geek-savants like Chatroulette's Andrey Ternovskiy, founder Daniel Gross, came up with the idea for Greplin when he was all of 18 years-old. As the story goes, Gross lived in Jerusalem until moving to the Silicon Valley where he was assigned to work through the parent company's Y Combinator's beta period.

According to a TechCrunch report, the idea emerged after Gross was on his way to a party, and couldn't remember where the street address was stored. "Was it a Facebook event, or in an email, or in his calendar? It was a pain to try searching all these things from his phone.” said Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham. "So he built the solution."

According to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, "investors are salivating. The company has already raised over $700,000 in angel funding from SV Angel, Chris Dixon, Bret Taylor, Keith Rabois and Paul Buchheit -and Bret Taylor’s experience with grabbing data from lots of third party services at FriendFeed is particularly valuable."

So, the next time you forget where you posted your first or last word on a particular subject matter, you no longer need to get frustrated when you can't find it on Google. That is until Google decides to acquire Greplin, with an "offer they can't refuse."

Sep 17, 2010
by Anonymous

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