Social Media Service For Hotels & Airlines Adds Arrival, Concierge & Loyalty Components's social media and marketing service for the travel industry is broadening its platform with the addition of "Arrival," "Concierge" and "Loyalty" components. As an international operation, has been customizing innovative services for boutique hotels, airlines, airports and destination restaurants around the world.

Achieving significant results in Beta, Tune Hotels in Southeast Asia /UK and the James in Chicago and New York are two hotel chains benefiting from's online confirmation process. This is an automated service that integrates with a hotel's booking engine that prompts guests with incentives at time of booking to communicate with their social networks, immediately after placing a reservation.  Referred to as "magnetic marketing," communicating at the time of purchase is the most impactful  time during the customer-relations' cycle for a brand to interact with its customers.


In an attempt to provide a service for every stage of a traveler's experience, is adding an "Arrival" component to welcome guests to a hotel. This service is particularly important for those folks who did not book their reservation online to experience's confirmation process. Guests that book via online travel agencies (OTAs) or by phone would fall into this category.

During this process, guests are alerted at check-in that they may earn a 'complimentary room upgrade.' Guests can access the Arrival Web app offering on their smartphones or iPads. This is an exclusive offer, similar to the Groupon model, where when the inventory is exhausted, other incentives can rotate to take its place - such as, a complimentary cocktail in the hotel's lounge. In this example, the James Chicago has 16 complimentary room upgrades available for a guest about to check-in.

The Concierge component is a "suggestions page" that is created for every guest after they have booked their reservation online. At that time, guests receive a personalized URL, reserved just for them. The Web page's link is communicated to the guest's followers and friends on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn at the time of booking.

In turn, those that received the guest's tweet or updated status and link will be connected to the Concierge Page, Here, they can provide the guest with suggestions regarding their upcoming stay in the hotel's particular destination. In this example, both the concierge and I are providing Brian Kent with some suggestions and tips as to what to do during his stay at the James in Chicago. The concierge has even offered Brian a 20 percent discount off his dinner in the hotel's steak house.

LOYALTY COMPONENT's and Simpliflying's client Pluna Airlines is Uruguay's national airlines.'s confirmation service was customized for the airline to achieve their goal of signing up frequent flyers for their "FlyClub" program. So, in this instance, at time of booking, the passenger is able to communicate to his social networks while be awarded the airline's "Flydollar" incentive.

Friends and followers of Brian are also incented to become members of FlyClub. When they receive a tweet, or Facebook or LinkedIn update, they would be directed to a landing page where he or she could enroll into the airline's frequent flyer program, and also earn a FlyClub reward. seeks to address all of a guest's or passenger's key touch points during their entire travel experience. As noted in this post, currently the pre-stay, arrival and visit components are in place. A post-stay service is in the pipeline as well, where hotels and airlines will be able to communicate with travelers after their hotel visit or flight to obtain feedback regarding the traveler's experience. Their comments and critiques would then be integrated with review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

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Mar 19, 2012
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Mar 19, 2012
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